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Head Lice Information

Head Lice Information

Bonham ISD follows the Centers for Disease Control & the Texas Department of State Health Services recommendations, & the position papers of the American Academy of Pediatrics & the National Association of School Nurses in the treatment & attendance guidelines for lice re-admittance to school.  The scientific evidence supports the exclusion from school for nits alone is NOT indicated.  In unusual circumstances, the Bonham ISD Administration, school principal, and clinic assistant reserve the right to modify these recommendations during unusual episodes.  

The best treatment is prevention and remember that head lice can come from anywhere – classmates, upholstered seats, another child’s sweater or hat, etc….even the cleanest child can easily become infested.  Lice outbreaks are very common among school children.  Throughout the school year, check your child’s hair weekly and after over night visits with other children.  Educate your children to avoid spread of lice by head-to-head contact.  

It is important that you act IMMEDIATELY when active lice or nits are found to prevent their spread to other members of your family.  Eggs (nits) not killed by treatments will continue to hatch within 7-10 days.  All nits should be removed to prevent reinfestation & permit early recognition of any new infestation.  Inspect each member of your family daily for at least 2 weeks.  Sometimes a physician’s clearance is necessary for school re-entry when it becomes apparent that steps are not being taken to control the infestation.  Students sent home from school will need to be checked by the clinic assistant prior to re-entry to school.  Also general housekeeping will help control the infestation.  (pillows in dryer, wash all bedding, vacuum carpets, etc...)

Occasionally, a classroom screening may be conducted if the clinic assistant or teacher are concerned that an infestation may be more widespread than one or two students.  However, entire classroom evaluations & routine screenings are generally not productive & result in decreased instructional time due to classroom disruption.  Please contact your clinic assistant for more detailed information.  

Clinic Assistants by Campus:

Lori Flowers, BISD Health Clinic Manager, Finley Oates Campus (  **903-640-5730

Kim Hagerty, Bailey Inglish Clinic Assistant (  **903-640-9251

Elaine Lillard, Bonham High School Clinic Assistant (  **903-583-5560

Sandi Manson, I.W.Evans Intermediate Clinic Assistant/L.H.Rather Jr. High Clinic Assistant ( **I.W.Evans 903-640-5746/L.H.Rather 903-640-5763