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What to do if your child is injured

Dear Parent,

Anytime your child has a serious injury that occurred at a BISD athletic event it should be reported to the BISD Athletic Trainer. The Athletic Trainer will work with you and the coach to schedule a time for evaluation. Upon the evaluation findings the Athletic Trainer will coordinate with you to schedule a doctor’s appointment. All non-emergency injuries should be evaluated by the BISD Athletic Trainer before the student proceeds to the doctor. If your child has an injury that needs immediate attention please proceed to the nearest Emergency Facility and contact the BISD Athletic Trainer and coach once the emergency has been taken care of.

BISD offers secondary supplemental insurance for all athletes that incur a school related accident/ injury. This insurance is not intended to provide or replace individual, family, or group healthcare insurance coverage. In order for your bill to be considered for coverage, treatment by the doctor and filing of claim must occur within 90 days from the date of injury. Please be mindful of this if you choose to get care from a doctor before reporting the injury to the Athletic Trainer and requesting a Student Accident Claim Form. It is the responsibility of the parent to follow up with each provider to ensure the bills are submitted on time. More information on the district’s insurance policy can be found on the back of the Student Accident Claim Form.

If you have any questions, please contact BISD Athletic Trainer, Sydney Sauceda at [email protected]