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Medication at School




  1. The Parent/Legal Guardian Request & Consent for Medication Administration in the Bonham ISD & Medication Authorization by Licensed Prescriber for Prescription or Non-Prescription Medication to be Administered in the Bonham ISD form must be completed BEFORE medication can be administered.
  2. Prescription medication ordered by a licensed prescriber can be given at school. (Over-the counter medication can be given with parent's written consent)
  3. Medications are considered to be any pills, liquids, inhalers, sprays, eye drops, ear drops, or topically applied creams or ointments that are expected to relieve symptoms.
  4. Medication MUST be in the original container labeled with the name & address of the pharmacy, name of the patient (student), instructions for use, name & strength of medication, prescribing practitioner, date the prescription is dispensed & expiration date of medication.
  5. Medications prescribed or requested to be given 3 times a day or less are NOT to be given at school unless specific time during school hours is prescribed by a health care provider, or the clinic assistant determines that a special need exists for an individual student.
  6. There must be no more than one medication per properly labeled container.
  7. It is recommended that the first dose of any medication be given at home where the parent can monitor the effects.
  8. Expired medications will NOT be administered.
  9. All medications will be stored & dispensed in the school clinic.  (Exceptions to this rule are for PPCD, Life Skills, Trails)
  10. No student may have prescription or non-prescription drugs in his/her possession on school grounds during school hours without proper authorization.
  11. The instructions for dosage must correspond with those on the prescription label.
  12. Dosage changes MUST be ordered by the physician & the clinic must have these orders in writing from the physician.
  13. NON-LICENSED personnel will administer medication during school hours.  All personnel will have gone through a yearly medication administration training.  
  14. In accordance with Board of Nurse Examiners Rule 22, Texas Administrative Code 217.11, the clinic assistant has the responsibility & authority to refuse to administer medications that, in his/her judgment are not in the best interest of the student.  
  15. Medications stored in the school clinic must be picked up by the parent/guardian before the last day of school.  No unused medication will be sent home with a student and any unused medication left at the end of the school year will be destroyed.

Parent Medication Authorization Form

Prescriber Medication Authorization Form

***If you wish for your child to have an OTC (Over-the-counter) medication, it is certainly permissible for you to come to the school & administer it yourself.  We must have a physician’s order to administer OTC medications at school without the parent present.  Please understand these restrictions are necessary for the protection of the health & safety of your child.  We will appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  Please direct any questions to your child’s campus clinic assistant.